The aging process is something you cannot avoid. However, it can be prolonged with the right treatments available today for facial rejuvenation. The facelift is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation options available in the market, but today some alternatives are non-surgical, like the ultherapy. It is equally popular among those who are not keen to undergo an invasive and surgical procedure for removing the signs of advanced aging from their face.

Why opt for the ultherapytreatment?

Both the facelift and the ultherapy treatment help you improve the appearance of the skin; however, you might want to know which of these two treatments last longer?

If you are considering any procedure for facial rejuvenation, you should know about its pros and cons first. For this, you should visit a good plastic surgeon so that he/she can assess your features and recommend the best procedure to you. If you are not comfortable with surgical procedures, the ultherapy procedure is the right one for you. Still, before that, you need to visit a good specialist to identify what your specific needs should be. With the help of your surgeon, you will be able to make the right choice to meet your aesthetic goals with success.

Enjoy minimal downtime with ultherapy

The Ultherapy procedure is the most minimally invasive and deploys the ultrasound procedure for renewing your skin. It is popular today as the downtime associated with them is low. People that want youthful looks with toned and tight skin should choose this treatment procedure. It is great for older people who are not keen to undergo surgery. Younger adults can get into it, too, if they wish to start their battle with aging early.

How does the procedure work?

The ultrasound energy in ultherapy penetrates the structural layers of the skin to trigger the generation of collagen. This process will not disturb the outside layers of your skin. Instead, it affects the layers of the skin in such a way that the healing process begins from within. The whole procedure for your full face lasts for about 60 minutes or so.

The facelift procedure for fighting the signs of aging with success

On the other hand, the facelift is a surgical method to eliminate the signs of aging and boost the overall appearance of your skin. It treats the lower region of your face, and it lifts the sagging jawline, jowls, and loose skin on your neck. If the facelift is done correctly by a good professional, it gives you natural-looking results that last for a long time.

The choice to go in for an ultherapy treatment or a complete facelift is yours, and the results depend upon your realistic expectations as well. You must visit a good specialist for assessment before signing up for any of the procedures discussed above. If you are scared of surgeries, the ultherapy procedure is the perfect fit for you. There is minimal downtime, and the most important thing is there are no incisions and surgeries involved at all!

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