Trying to run a business in a competitive industry can be a challenge that not many people have the necessary experience to overcome. It is the reason why savvy company owners try to make up for their lack of knowledge by hiring professionals. That said, even with the help of professionals, a lack of understanding regarding the inner workings of business management can still cause much more stress than necessary. For example, those working on getting a franchise off the ground would benefit greatly from the use of franchise SEO, and an understanding of SEO benefits the company as a whole.

Business management is often more about internet and digital marketing than anything else. It is crucial for businesses to prioritize relevance, as it can be all too easy for a company to fall into obscurity without enough influence. Even the highest quality products and services won’t matter if people aren’t aware a company exists. In such cases, SEO is necessary to ensure that companies get the necessary brand exposure.

The main goal of SEO is to ensure that the company has the Google algorithm’s attention to hopefully rank higher on the Google search engine results page (SERP). It does not have to be said how important it is to rank high on Google, and it would be prudent to take the necessary steps to boost the company’s rankings. Here are some ways to rank number one on the Google SERP!

Good use of content marketing

Internet marketing is one of the primary ways to get on Google’s good side, as added exposure will undoubtedly help the algorithm rank the website higher. One way to do so would be the link-building process of content marketing. It involves the use of well-written articles and blogs to help encourage online users to give a company’s products and services a try.

How do relevant articles and blogs help give a company more exposure? It mainly has to do with how easily the algorithm can find the content. The more a company writes articles relating to its products and services, the easier it will be to link the content to other companies with higher domain authority. The ability to build links with companies that have more visibility means the business owner’s content will be easier to find by association.

The right franchise SEO professionals

Without a doubt, if a company wants to get as much exposure as possible on Google’s search results, the best thing to do would be to hire SEO professionals. There are plenty of different types of SEO specialists to choose from, offering all manner of opportunities to businesses with SEO knowledge.

For example, technical SEO is all about making use of a company website’s infrastructure for added exposure to the Google algorithm. It does not clash with other SEO methods, and the company is still free to make any changes they want to its website. There is also SEO for franchises, where the idea is to get as much exposure as possible to a franchise through the use of traditional and modern SEO tactics. The trick to taking full advantage of SEO is to learn which types are ideal for the business. Fortunately, most types of SEO are quite reasonably priced, making it easy for even startups to make the most out of their opportunities.

A push toward accessibility

Of the many trends that companies can take advantage of in the current business landscape, there are few more effective than accessibility and inclusivity. In fact, even newer companies can start competing with older and more experienced businesses by going for the most accessible route for their target audience. The Google algorithm has a habit of elevating companies known to have accessible content thanks to details in the inner workings.

For example, a common means of boosting accessibility is by adding captions to video content. That might not seem like a big deal, but the ability to spread content to those who are hard of hearing opens the door to brand new possibilities. Video captioning also typically ends with a quality transcription, which can help further get the attention of the algorithm. After all, the Google algorithm cannot watch content, but it can take the text from transcripts and use it to index video content. The result is a company with much more brand exposure thanks to a few best-practice methods with accessibility and inclusivity. Focusing on accessibility is one of the most popular ways a company gets the number one spot on the Google search results.

As an added bonus, those that want to make use of their capital to get a leg up over the competition can go the pay-per-click (PPC) method. It’s an advertising model where the business pays a small fee each time an ad is clicked, as well as paving the way for the number one spot on Google’s paid results, which is perfect for SEO. With enough dedication, any company has the potential to rank highly on Google!


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