Setting goals and taking proactive steps to achieve them is important to all people. These goals can be a career, personal growth, relationships related, or something else. Jeffrey Lupient Wife marks that while some goals require a big-picture, long-game view and others are more immediate in nature, consistent efforts have to be put in for all of them. Jeff is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and life coach. Through face-to-face general coaching, he provides sound advice to diverse types of clients and keeps them accountable when it comes to fulfilling their goals.  He aims at helping others in the aspects of their personal relationships, self-image, public image, finances and other key areas of life.

Setting goals is the easy part. But making continuous progress in order to achieve those goals can be a whole different ballgame. Jeffrey Lupient Wife mentions that identifying the ideal path to success is not easy, and this is among the biggest reasons why many people fail to accomplish their goals. However, this process can become a lot easier for a person if they have the support of a life coach. Life coaches enable people to view their current situation from a different perspective, and help them to forge a path that takes them towards their major goals.

Here are a few steps mentioned by Jeffrey Lupient Wife that can help people to progress towards their goals:

  • Write down the goal: Firstly, one should write their goal down on a piece of paper. This will help it to become a statement of intent, rather than being just a thought floating in the mind. The process of writing down a goal drives the subconscious to accept the commitment a person has made to work towards their target. For better impact, people should not write their goal just once, but every morning, to keep their mind focused throughout each day.
  • Set a deadline:  Having a deadline within which a person plans to reach their goal is important. If the goal is a long-term one, and has multiple challenges involved, then it can be a smart move to break it down into smaller stages and determine a deadline for each of them. These dates should be kept on the computer, so that the person can track their progress from time to time.
  • Work on the mindset: A person can start working on their mindset way before they begin to tackle their first goal.  Having a negativity free mindset helps people to stay focused and confident, and ensures that they do not lose their sight or get discouraged when faced with any minor inconvenience.
  • Develop the skill-set: There is a high chance that reaching a goal shall necessitate learning a new skill or will require some form of personal growth. One must try to identify the knowledge or skill they need to develop to progress, and put in their best efforts into it.

The simple steps mentioned above can be quite helpful in enabling people to positively progress towards their goals.

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